Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hitting a Lull.

I've been promoted to full-time at work, meaning I get more money. But, it also means I spend about 40 hours a week at work, and what time that I'm not there, I'm too tired to want to get the stuff together to paint. It doesn't help matters that it's set aside when I'm not painting due to being in a tiny apartment and painting at my computer desk.

To combat this, I've committed to painting a miniature for's miniature exchange. I've know who I'm painting for, and I'm going to have to pull out all the stops to not feel like an ass for sending them a crappy figure. Can't say what I'm painting on the off chance they look here, but I hope they like it.

To go with that, I'll be receiving a miniature from someone else as well. I'm hoping it's not too amazing, once again making me feel like an ass, but we'll just have to see.

If the person painting for me looks here, I'll try to get a few good pictures of all my units up by Monday, or Wednesday at the latest. If you need ideas, I need Alter and Wild Rider Highborns and a Great Eagle. I don't live anywhere near a GW store, so don't worry about official stuff and just have fun with it (Owls are a great replacement for Eagles, but I haven't been able to find any.)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Making Models

I've gotten my bases in finally, and I'm starting on the treekin I promised before. The big guy in the middle was scrapped, because I wasn't thinking and sat them in the other room to dry, so he'll be redone soon.

Starting with three to get the feel for it and to see them on the table.

My girlfriend has started my first owl as well, and it is looking awesome so far. I've got to get them done soon because I have people at the shop exited to see what I bring to the table. Plus they'll finish out most of what o need for a 2000 point game.

Friday, April 29, 2011

New 1250 Army List

I'm put together another army list after seeing how last night's played, and I wonder what people think of it. So my few followers, any tips? (I'd like to throw an eagle or two in this, probably trade Glade Guard, but I don't own any yet)

1250 Pts - Wood Elves Roster

Spellweaver (16#, 461 pts)
   1 Spellweaver, 275 pts (General; Level 4 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Longbow)
      1 Divination Orb
      1 Lifebloom
      1 0. Earth Blood
      1 1. Awakening of the Wood
      1 2. Flesh to Stone
      1 3. Throne of Vines
      1 4. Shield of Thorns
      1 5. Regrowth
      1 6. The Dweller's Below
   15 Glade Guard, 186 pts (Musician Mus; Hand Weapon; Longbow)

Spellsinger (16#, 336 pts)
   1 Spellsinger, 150 pts (Level 2 Upgrade; Hand Weapon; Longbow)
      1 Calaingor's Stave
   15 Glade Guard, 186 pts (Musician Mus; Hand Weapon; Longbow)

Branchwraith (10#, 248 pts)
   1 Branchwraith, 140 pts (Causes Fear)
      1 A Blight of Terrors
      1 A Murder of Spites
   9 Dryads, 108 pts (Causes Fear; Skirmishers)

Glade Riders (8#, 201 pts)
   8 Glade Riders, 201 pts (Musician Mus; Longbow; Spear; Fast Cavalry)
      8 Elven Steed

Validation Report:
Edition: 8th Edition; Game Type: Normal Game; Army Subtype: Wood Elf Army
Roster satisfies all enforced validation rules

Composition Report:
Points of Lords: 275 (0 - 312.5)
Points of Heroes: 290 (0 - 312.5)
Points of Core: 681 (312.5 - Unlimited)
Points of Special: 0 (0 - 625)
Points of Rare: 0 (0 - 312.5)

Total Roster Cost: 1246

Created with Army Builder® - Try it for free at

First Warhammer Game

I got to play my first game of Warhammer Fantasy last night. Played a local club head in a 1250 point Wood Elves vs Empire match. I wish I had remembered to bring my Dell Mini to record the whole think and be able to make a proper battle report, but I didn't. I'll try to remember next Wednesday when we play again, and he brings his own Orcs and Goblins army (The Empire army was the shop owners).

I don't know a think about his units, other than he fielded two big blocks of infantry, each with 2 detachments: another small infantry block and some shooters, as well as 3 cannons. Oh, and one of his infantry blocks had a wizard.

My army, I obviously have the list for:
   1 Spellweaver, 310 pts (General; Level 4 Upgrade; Lore of Life)
      1 Divination Orb
      1 Seed of Rebirth
      1 Ruby Ring of Ruin
      1. Awakening of the Wood
      3. Throne of Vines
      4. Shield of Thorns
      6. The Dweller's Below
   10 Glade Guard, 120 pts

   10 Glade Guard, 120 pts

   8 Dryads, 96 pts
   1 Branchwraith, 140 pts (Level 1 Wizard)
      1 A Cluster of Radiants
      1 1. Tree Singing

   1 Treeman, 285 pts

   5 Wild Riders of Kurnous, 173 pts
      1 War Banner

We just took the table as it sat in the back of the shop, which really wasn't too good for me, but I managed. Along his side there was one big hill on which he deployed all 3 of his cannons with his infantry placed to either side of it. Towards the center of the board there were 2 small woods and a few ruins along the left leading back onto his side. I had a large hill on the far left, my own woods I added right in the middle, and a large building on my right.

I placed my Spellweaver and her accompanying Glade Guard right behind the building, ready to take it. The other unit of Glade Guard took the center where I placed my forest. The dryads took the space between them. My Wild Riders took the far left of the field, intending to cut behind the ruins to take a run at his cannons, and the Treeman sat at the far right, intending to cut around the building for his big infantry block.

Turn 1 really sealed it for me, I started with taking the building with my Spellweaver and everyone else just moved up a bit. I proceeded to try and cast Throne of Vines, which was dispelled, but then got a Dweller's Below cast on his infantry block with irresistible force. It caused a panic test that ran that entire huge block off the table. The resulting Detonation came out with all 1s, and I'd used the remainder of my power dice, so there was no loss there. I ended with a little shooting at the other infantry and called my turn good. I had not only taken out a huge block of infantry, and almost half his army, but also his only Wizard.

His cannons tore into my Wild Riders, leaving just the musician behind to go and hide in the ruins alone next turn. I lost a couple dryads to a third volley, and his infantry block marched towards me.

My next turn, my Dryads charged into his shooting detachment, which decided to stand and shoot, albeit missing me entirely. My Wild Rider musician went and hid behind a wall from his cannons, and my Treeman took a few more steps around the building. I then made what I now realize was a mistake: I cast Awakening of the Wood on his detachment I had just charged after moving the wood onto them. But, the mistake went by and I didn't remember the rules well enough and it appears my more experienced opponent didn't either, or he just let me slide for the sake of enjoying my first game. The dryads tore up the rest of his detachment and ran through to get behind the big block before it could destroy them, as my Glade Guard units killed off one cannon's crew, and the other killed a few off his big block.

Once again, his dice hated him, as his center cannon exploded, and the other took only 2 Dryads down. He moved closer to my still stationary Glade Guard in my wood, and had to call that good.

My Dryads charged his last remaining cannon, annihilating it, and barely missed casting another Dwellers Below on his infantry, but we still called the game good at that. The next turn, he would've taken out my Glade Guard, but would've had to spend far too long turning around, while sitting in range of my Spellweaver and her accompanying volley of arrows, as well as my dryads now available to turn and meet an attack.

All in all, I really enjoyed my first game, even if 2 of my units were entirely useless (the Treeman wasn't even a distraction as he walked behind the building, way too far from the combat). I've learned a bit too, and will likely replace my Wild Riders with Glade Riders, and probably trade out the Treeman as well.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Movement Tray Woes

I found these posts online in my search for how to do my movement trays: Do-It-Yourself Magnetic Movement Trays and How to Make Cheap Fantasy Movement Trays Using Sprue. My only problem is: I can't locate either the Sheet Styrene (or Plasticard) or thin, cheap sheet metal (and the paint is over $20 for a quart).

I think I'm going to go with GW's modular movement trays, to save my sanity, and eventually just have to order the metal sheets online (except the website linked in the first page is severely messed up and gives almost no information). The local shop opens in 10 minutes, so I'll think I'll go in a few and see if they've gotten the trays in since I mentioned they were out the week before last. If not, I'll order a pack or 2.

Update: Alternate Realities didn't have movement trays in yet, so I made another trip to Hobby Lobby and (after looking for it on their site and finding it was with Glass Crafts) asked an employee that took me right to it. $1.67 for a 12"x18"ish sheet. Just gotta find a good way to cut it. And a guy at the shop said they use old popcorn and candy tins for their magnetizing, which we happen to have 2 of. It also gives Jess an excuse to buy popcorn tins at Christmas, so she doesn't mind.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Almost Done!

I've got every piece I need for my 1000 point army (that I have) done. Now I just need 10 Wardancers and 2 Great Eagles. They're looking great. Can't wait to get them onto a table. The Glade Riders aren't glued onto their mounts, because I'm not sure if I want to run Glade Riders or Wild Riders. Although I'd want to convert to Wood Elves riding on these wolves if I run Wild Riders. You can see my Spellweaver beside my Glade Riders too, waiting to get a better picture of her.

Branchwraith with Spite


Glade Riders and Spellweaver

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More on the way

I got more units on ebay that should finish out all my army needs (maybe one more unit of dryads). Paying way below new cost for some old style mages and 5 wardancers, and a battalion from our local game shop. Can't wait to finish them all. Then I can find opponents on Warhammer Wednesday.

Only problem I'm having is with priming my Spellweaver. The white spray paint is flaking off, and I'm hoping it's just a bad batch. I'll need some Simple Green to clean her off though.

Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm done with my Elven Steeds and Glade Guard. Next up on the list is the actual Glade Riders and my Spellweaver. I've also got a Wood Elf Battalion on the way! That means 24 more Guard, 8 Riders, and 12 Dryads. Converting one of the Dryads into a Branchwraith will be interesting (I don't like the idea of using a Drycha model).

The Steeds were fun, I went with Palominos with a fair amount of white markings (maybe too much). My other unit, I plan on using colorings for a breed that can produce Palominos, so as to make sense, even if the balance won't be right.

I also realized, my camera sucks...

The Guard took a lot more time, but I learned a lot for the next batch. I won't be attaching cloaks this time before I paint them. The fletching is white, with a variety of colors dry-brushed on. Jess gave me lots of pointers through the process, and they helped them come out looking a lot better.

All I'll have left for my 1000 point army is a mounted Lord. ( I don't like how the one from GW looks though, so I'm going to either need to convert or find one by another manufacturer.

My 2000 point army will need a Spellsinger, Battle Standard Bearer, and another unit of Dryads. Possibly a unit of Riders as well. It's far from final, 'cause I need experience playing and do some more tactics research.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

DDR at the In-Laws

We went over to Jess's parents' house tonight to play DDR and eat burgers. I couldn't resist the opportunity to put a picture of her mom playing on the internet.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Just Getting Started

Gotta hate starting a new blog, never know what to start it out with. I'm a recently graduated student of OSU with a degree in Management Information Systems current getting by working as a Customer Service Manager at Wal-Mart until my lease is up and I can find a job actually related to computers. I'm always trying to find a hobby to keep my entertained and I'm hoping that the strategy in playing and the time collecting and painting for Warhammer will be enjoyable for a decent amount of time.

I tried to get into Warhammer about 6 months ago, when I was still in in school, but I didn't have the time for it. Now that I'm out and working more often I can afford it and have time for it. I chose Wood Elves to make my first army. I haven't gotten to play yet, and honestly only have about 500 points, but I hope I can learn to play them well and enjoy myself.

Everything is still a work in progress, but I've started painting my Glade Guard and Glade Riders. Going into Alternate Realities when I have the time to find other players and might occasionally buy a box from them, but I usually go through ebay. It's cheaper.