Monday, April 4, 2011

Movement Tray Woes

I found these posts online in my search for how to do my movement trays: Do-It-Yourself Magnetic Movement Trays and How to Make Cheap Fantasy Movement Trays Using Sprue. My only problem is: I can't locate either the Sheet Styrene (or Plasticard) or thin, cheap sheet metal (and the paint is over $20 for a quart).

I think I'm going to go with GW's modular movement trays, to save my sanity, and eventually just have to order the metal sheets online (except the website linked in the first page is severely messed up and gives almost no information). The local shop opens in 10 minutes, so I'll think I'll go in a few and see if they've gotten the trays in since I mentioned they were out the week before last. If not, I'll order a pack or 2.

Update: Alternate Realities didn't have movement trays in yet, so I made another trip to Hobby Lobby and (after looking for it on their site and finding it was with Glass Crafts) asked an employee that took me right to it. $1.67 for a 12"x18"ish sheet. Just gotta find a good way to cut it. And a guy at the shop said they use old popcorn and candy tins for their magnetizing, which we happen to have 2 of. It also gives Jess an excuse to buy popcorn tins at Christmas, so she doesn't mind.

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