Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm done with my Elven Steeds and Glade Guard. Next up on the list is the actual Glade Riders and my Spellweaver. I've also got a Wood Elf Battalion on the way! That means 24 more Guard, 8 Riders, and 12 Dryads. Converting one of the Dryads into a Branchwraith will be interesting (I don't like the idea of using a Drycha model).

The Steeds were fun, I went with Palominos with a fair amount of white markings (maybe too much). My other unit, I plan on using colorings for a breed that can produce Palominos, so as to make sense, even if the balance won't be right.

I also realized, my camera sucks...

The Guard took a lot more time, but I learned a lot for the next batch. I won't be attaching cloaks this time before I paint them. The fletching is white, with a variety of colors dry-brushed on. Jess gave me lots of pointers through the process, and they helped them come out looking a lot better.

All I'll have left for my 1000 point army is a mounted Lord. ( I don't like how the one from GW looks though, so I'm going to either need to convert or find one by another manufacturer.

My 2000 point army will need a Spellsinger, Battle Standard Bearer, and another unit of Dryads. Possibly a unit of Riders as well. It's far from final, 'cause I need experience playing and do some more tactics research.

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Daffycat said...

Oh, I love Palamino horses. Yours are really pretty!